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Our Low Voltage Fusegear is designed with precision and adherence to safety standards, our fusegear provides reliable protection against overcurrents and short circuits in low voltage systems. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, our fusegear solutions offer a dependable and efficient means of enhancing electrical safety, ensuring the smooth operation of your low voltage electrical installations. Trust in our commitment to quality and innovation for robust circuit protection solutions.

House Service Cutouts

Manufactured in robust, Glass Reinforced Polyester (DMC) material 60/80A or 100A versions available.The Series 5 range has been designed as a replacement for existing PILC installations. Interchangeable phase and neutral/earth terminals enable simple installation, without the need to disturb cable polarity. Suited both to paper and polymeric insulated cables.

Insulated Connector Boxes

We design and manufacture a comprehensive and popular range of Insulated connector Boxes for a variety of applications and situations. Our Connector Boxes are all designed to accept copper conductors, whist types 2 and 3 can also be used with aluminium. Except (type 1) in nylon.

Heavy Duty Cutouts

We design and manufacture a choice of 2 four pole insulated Heavy Duty Cutouts. Designed to accept BS 88 'J' type fuse-links, both these products are suitable for use with stranded/solid copper or aluminum conductors with conductors from 95 - 300mm².Standard shrouded through grip Carriers are provided for phase connection/isolation.

ABC Distribution Box

Slim-line, compact model designed for wall or pole mounted options, manufactured from a UV stable flame retardant glass filled nylon, the box fully meets the requirements of BS 7656 / ENATS 43-14. The box is designed to accept incoming conductors with a maximum size of 120mm² and nine service cables of up to 35mm².

Overhead (Pole Mounted) Cutouts

Our industry standard unit is a very popular model.Designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind, this pole mountable fused Cutout is the ideal method of providing rural dwellings with a safe protected and reliable Low Voltage power supply.

Service Box

Designed to prevent unauthorised connections, our new range of Sicame UK Service boxes are suitable for pole or wall mounting. Built from durable glass filled UV stable, flame retardant material, these outdoor weatherproof boxes, are pre-fitted with a backboard and can be supplied with or without single or three phase and neutral Cutouts.

Street Lighting Cutouts

At the heart of maintaining the supply to street lighting luminaires are robust and reliable fused Cutouts. Sicame has a choice of two slim-line single phase models, incorporating either a single pole or double pole switching action. Both of these are manufactured from glass reinforced flame retardant materials, designed to be robust yet lightweight, incorporating a low force lever release system.

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